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Dr Deb Portrait Head Shot NZ ca 2012 sm.

Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D., has 40 years of experience as a scientific and technical illustrator. Beginning in 1972 with part-time work at the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, she went on to become the Scientific Illustrator for the Museum of Natural History at the University of Kansas. After graduating with her Ph.D., "Dr.Deb" continued to produce scientific illustrations for her own technical publications and for the Education and Exhibits Departments at the U.S. National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution.

In subsequent years, Dr. Deb has worked as a researcher and feature writer for EQUUS Magazine, a well-edited and internationally-circulated topical read by over 250,000 horse owners worldwide. She has also authored over a dozen books or book-length compendia on veterinary, anatomical, historical, paleontological, forensic, geological, and botanical topics. Dr. Deb produces most of the illustrations needed for her own book and magazine writing; often these are of a highly technical nature. For her books, Dr. Deb not only does all the illustrations but often is responsible for the complete package, including overall book design and page layout.

Dr. Deb has been a leader in public education since the 1970's, beginning as a student museum tour guide and going on to devote 10 years to the Public Education program at the K.U. Museum of Natural History and a further 8 years in the Education and Exhibits Departments at the U.S. National Museum. In 1992 she founded Equine Studies Institute, an educational and research think-tank and publishing company, which has sponsored her for adult-ed seminars around the world and many "expo" talks and public lectures.

Please feel free to BROWSE OUR GALLERIES to get a feel for Dr. Deb's style in black and white and color rendition. Dr. Deb is particularly known for fast turnaround, especially in black and white media.

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