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The images in this gallery have been selected from Dr. Deb's published opus specifically to show photography, micro-photography, and illustrations appropriate to the forensic analysis of animal remains. Dr. Deb's fascinating series of articles analyzing the skeletal remains of several historically famous 19th-century American horses and a geriatric Przewalski horse (Mongolian "Wild" horse) was published in 2017-2018 in EQUUS Magazine. We feature Dr. Deb's photos of the skeletal remains plus her amazing and convincing reconstructions of the living appearance of these animals, made directly from skull and skeleton.


We present these images for your pleasure in looking at clear, informative illustrations that make the process of "reconstruction" understandable to anyone, even those who have little or no background with skeletal studies or anatomy. Scientists, lawyers, educators, and those making application for grant money will find good help here.


Skull Scarface Dog with Boar tusk wound
Skull Scarface Dog Facial Reconstruction
Restoration from skeleton Black Hawk smW
Human Woman vs Man pelvis front view smW
Muscles of head Przewalski horse smW.jpg
Facial restoration frm skull Przewalski
Proof of Last Meal food packed into teet
Proof of Five lumbar vertebrae in Black
Reconstruction trot style in Ethan Allen
Malocclusion sup dentition Ethan Allen s

We are grateful for your interest in our work, but you will notice that all images are watermarked and we do appreciate your respect for copyright law. All images at this Website are copyright to Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D., and we ask that you not dub them out or attempt to reproduce them anywhere else. If you're that interested in our images, please contact us for a free telephone consultation! (209) 202-2380 or Email THANKS !

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