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Many of the images presented in this gallery were made for inclusion in Dr. Deb's encyclopedic work, "Poison Plants in the Pasture: A Horse Owner's Guide." Sometimes insects that eat or lay eggs upon different weeds and grasses contribute to their toxicity. Dead insects that become incorporated into hay can also be highly toxic. Bees and other insects that pollinate are crucial to the continuing survival of many plants (both beneficial and toxic) that can be found on any farm or ranch.

We present this gallery so that you may appreciate Dr. Deb's ability as a field photographer, but also for another reason: simply, that many insects are astonishingly complex and beautiful. Dr. Deb brings these images together from her travels in many countries around the world.

Are you writing a book on gardening? Are you in the garden-store business? Are you an academician who needs images for a thesis or grant proposal? We can assist you in creating unique and stunning publications that highlight all that you have to offer.

We are grateful for your interest in our work, but you will notice that all images are watermarked and we do appreciate your respect for copyright law. All images at this Website are copyright to Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D., and we ask that you not dub them out or attempt to reproduce them anywhere else. If you're that interested in our images, please contact us for a free telephone consultation! (209) 202-2380 or Email THANKS !

Austral Butterfly Graphium androcles AD
Austral Butterfly Ornithoptera priamus A
Green Iguana Canberra Zoo smw.jpg
Bee in peach blossom TURLOCK smw.jpg
Blister beetle on Sneezeweed Helenium IO
Blue Tongued Skink Canberra Zoo smw.jpg
Lionfish Canberra Zoo smw.jpg
Snake Eating Rat Adelaide MNH 2004 smw.j
Australian Butterfly Morpho didius AD MN
Ladybug petunia blossoms TURLOCK smw.jpg
Green Tree Frog Canberra Zoo smw.jpg
Australian Butterfly Papilio ulysses AD
Fence lizard no1 TURLOCK smw.jpg
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