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Scientific publications, business reports, and government grant applications require maps, charts, and graphs -- often of a specialized and highly technical nature. So often do courtroom graphics. Jayhawk Art & Image specializes in the production of attractive and accurate supporting graphics. We can also prepare custom Power Point slides for you.


Have a look at the accompanying gallery to see some examples of our crisp and clean style.

We are grateful for your interest in our work, but you will notice that all images are watermarked and we do appreciate your respect for copyright law. All images at this Website are copyright to Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D., and we ask that you not dub them out or attempt to reproduce them anywhere else. If you're that interested in our images, please contact us for a free telephone consultation! (209) 202-2380 or Email THANKS !

Map horses in US 1930 to 2012 smw.jpg
Map Pleistocene subspecies Euras NA smw.
Crosses to Phalaris Thoroughbred pedigre
Sireline Ancestors Triple Crown Winners
Conformation Pedigree Analysis Md Hunt C
Gallop tech loft Man OWar Justify Secret
Pie Chart Thoroughbred Founder Pcts smw.
Map Pleistocene horse ssp in Europe icon
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