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Microphotography is required whenever the subject of interest is tiny. We have the specialized equipment and the experience and expertise needed to take your "mouse teeth" up to poster size.

Please enjoy browsing through the accompanying gallery to appreciate the amazingly detailed results of tiny close-ups. More microphotography is featured in Gallery One: Amazing Grasses.

We are grateful for your interest in our work, but you will notice that all images are watermarked and we do appreciate your respect for copyright law. All images at this Website are copyright to Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D., and we ask that you not dub them out or attempt to reproduce them anywhere else. If you're that interested in our images, please contact us for a free telephone consultation! (209) 202-2380 or Email THANKS !

Mouse Mus musculus skull ventral SMW.jpg
Mouse Mus musculus jaw medial view smw.j
Horse Coronary groove and sockets closeu
Arvicola terrestris skull DVL no1
Horse sole and terminal papillae closeup
Mouse pathological tibia smw.jpg
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