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Museum studies are our core area of expertise. This gallery features not only Dr. Deb's fabulous photography but her high-quality, precisely-rendered scientific illustrations.

If you're involved in Academia and need someone to assist you in presenting your specimens in a way that clearly convinces and also meets the highest standards of peer-reviewed publication, please contact us for a free consultation. Our rates are very reasonable and we'll probably be able to work within your line-item grant budget. We also offer a student discount for graduate and undergraduate theses (why? Because we've been there).

Please enjoy browsing this gallery to see the wide array of animals that have been Dr. Deb's favorite subjects over a 40-year career in natural history studies.

We are grateful for your interest in our work, but you will notice that all images are watermarked and we do appreciate your respect for copyright law. All images at this Website are copyright to Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D., and we ask that you not dub them out or attempt to reproduce them anywhere else. If you're that interested in our images, please contact us for a free telephone consultation! (209) 202-2380 or Email THANKS !

Temporomandibular Structure Horse Rodent
Flower Types Diagram smw.jpg
Sheep Skull BW on Gray smw.jpg
Eohippus forefoot multiple toes smw.jpg
Horse skeleton vertebrae color label smw
Skull and teeth Rock Python Sydney MNH s
Surface Muscles Przewalski Horse mare sm
Superior Enamel pattern geri vs young ho
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