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Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D. is a widely-published author with numerous peer-reviewed articles to her credit. Her bibliography also contains hundreds of articles on scientific and technical subjects.Throughout her career, Dr. Deb has worked to develop a rather rare skill: to find ways to explain scientific and technical subjects to non-scientists, whether on film, via audio recordings, public seminars, or in print. She knows how to bring facts and information "home" to an audience or a jury in ways that they can understand -- and are not likely to forget. This expertise has proven to be of direct benefit to lawyers, business and government leaders, and the film industry.

We are open to your ideas and would look forward to working with you to produce books and articles, posters, brochures, manuals, or other printed materials to bring your expertise and area of interest to life. Please click on the "contact us" button below for a free consultation by telephone or EMail.

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